Change To CON29M Coal Mining Search Report

May 17, 2018
OneSearch Direct would like to make our customers aware of a change to one of our search products. With effect from 1st June 2018 the Cheshire brine search will no longer be included in the CON29M Mining Search Report produced by The Coal Authority. This is a result of The Coal Authority’s licence to hold this data coming to an end on 31st May 2018. After this date, the Cheshire Brine Subsidence Compensation Board will take on responsibility for providing brine searches within Cheshire to identify whether properties are at risk of subsidence caused by the pumping of brine. The CON29M Coal Mining Search report is an important information source for any individual or business contemplating a property purchase. It provides the prospective purchaser with key mining related data, including whether the property is in an area affected by historic or current underground or opencast mining activity, or whether any proposed mining activity has been licensed in the area. OneSearch Direct will be making the necessary changes to ensure we continue to provide our customers with all the information they require before committing to a property transaction.

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