How Conveyancing Firms can prepare for success following SRA Law Firm Pricing Publication

December 13, 2018
New SRA transparency rules that came into force in December 2018 require pricing and service information to be available on law firm websites for selected legal services, including residential conveyancing. Here we aim to help you make the most of the changes by discussing steps every conveyancing firm should be taking to maximise their appeal to potential clients.

Understand the requirements

As well as your pricing, the SRA also requires that you publish information about:
  • What services your pricing does and doesn’t include.
  • The timescales and key stages of a typical matter.
  • The experience and qualifications of those doing the work.
The full guidance also includes best practice information and templates for displaying and explaining residential conveyancing fees, all of which is accessible here.

Make your website look great

Under the new rules, your website will be increasingly be consumers’ first point of call, so think about the first impression you’re making. Here are some basic tips.

Meet expectations

Your website should follow modern web design conventions and be easy to navigate. This doesn’t have to be difficult. There are web development services out there which cater for law firms at pretty reasonable prices, and ready-made themes can be even cheaper.

Make sure your website looks trustworthy

Include the basic ingredients of a trustworthy website such as transparent contact details, a professional looking layout, great spelling and up to date information. You’ll need to make room for the new digital badge the SRA is releasing for regulated firms, so now is as good a time as any to put up other trust indicators such as Legal 500 and Chambers rankings.

Think about how to publish pricing

No conveyancing matter is the same, so providing consistent pricing can seem daunting. Luckily, law firms have a great deal of leeway in how they publish pricing under the new rules, so go with what works best for you. That said, here are a few things to consider:

Make price information easy to access

Remember that the new rules are intended to help consumers make better choices when it comes to lawyers, so an important aspect of complying with them is making it simple for potential clients to access pricing information. Think as few clicks as feasible.

Think about your fee model

The new rules give law firms a lot of flexibility in how they advertise their prices, so think about how to provide the clearest picture. The SRA has said acceptable fee models include:
  • Fixed fees
  • Hourly fees
  • Indicative fee tables based on property value
  • Online quote generators

Say what’s included in the price

If a potential client looked at your published fees, would it be easy for them to understand when they might have to pay extra? Think tax, issues with legal title and services a consumer might expect to be included in the price which aren’t.


Your prices are going to be there for all to see, so it’s just good business sense to make sure your website also hosts content which convinces users you’re worth your weight in gold. Here are some pointers.

Lawyer bios

You’ll have to publish information about conveyancing lawyers and their qualifications anyway, so it would be a wasted opportunity not to use bios. Putting a face to the name helps to establish trust, which is important if you want clients to pick you based on quality and not cost.

News stories

Recent news stories about your firm are a good way to gain the trust of potential consumers and help them build up a fuller picture of your firm and the services you provide. Even better if these stories reflect the fact that others recognise your expertise.

Testimonials and case studies

A good testimonial goes a long way to convince potential clients of the quality of your service, as anyone who has ever used TripAdvisor is well aware. The point is to appear competent, well-established and worth paying for.

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