Is your firm website making the most of the SRA Pricing Publication change? 5 things you should do today

December 13, 2018
New SRA transparency rules have recently come into force which require pricing information for a number of legal services to be published on a law firm’s website. Checking that your website is compliant is important, but there are certain things you can do to get ahead of your competitors too. Read on to find out what you need to do today.

1 Meet basic requirements first

If you’re in a rush, do the bare minimum. For example, only the three principle areas of residential conveyancing (buying and selling freeholds, buying and selling leaseholds, and mortgaging and remortgaging a house) are subject to the new rules, so leave pricing equity transfer services until later. Similarly, only licensing applications for business premises are covered on the commercial conveyancing side of things. Pricing information also needs to state which services are included in the price, whether a price includes VAT, and typical circumstances in which a price might be increased, as well as information on the expertise and qualifications of practitioners likely to be involved in progressing a matter and typical timescales and key stages.

2 Add extra pricing information which might be helpful

There are a few aspects of pricing which the new guidelines don’t explicitly require you to mention, but it might make good business sense to do so. For instance, if you regularly offer discounts to a certain type of customer, stating this in your pricing information could win you business. It might also avoid confusion to explain any deals you offer. Many firms, for instance, offer discounted rates to clients who instruct them via a partner estate agent, and mentioning arrangements like this on your website will prevent misunderstandings.

3 Add any extra information which might be helpful

Helpful information is information which supports your price point. If you have any case studies or testimonials gathering dust now’s a good time to get them up there along with lawyer bios. Make sure your news or blog section is also up to date with any news stories you’ve been part of or any big wins you’ve had.

4 Bring your website up to scratch

You probably don’t have time for a major website revamp, but taking care of some basic housekeeping can do a great deal to improve the professionalism and usability of your website. Here are some quick tips:
  • Check your images. As we’ve said, you probably don’t have time to build a whole new website at this time of year, but images are relatively quick to fix or add and used correctly will make a big improvement to the look of your website. Start with staff pictures.
  • Make information easy to find. It should be easy for consumers to navigate your website and find the information they need. As few clicks as possible is best.
  • Update, update, update. Check basic things like trademark information and the dates on lawyer bios are up-to-date, as well as service information.
  • Check your content. Attending to small things like typos can make a world of difference to your website’s perceived professionalism and trustworthiness.
  • Add trust indicators. Trust indicators like the SRA’s new digital badge help consumers to see that your work is well regulated and above board, so make sure your website displays them prominently.
  • Link to social media. The greater your digital presence, the more trustworthy you will be perceived to be by consumers, so make it easy for them to seek that reassurance.

5 Check for bugs!

If you opt for an online quote generator this is particularly important because adding new gadgets to your website can always cause a few teething issues. Even adding extra text to a page can sometimes move things around in unexpected ways, so do have a check. While you’re there, have a root around to make sure all your links are still working.

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