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Introducing Groundsure Avista

June 6, 2017
Today marks the launch of Groundsure Avista: the seven-in-one environmental report, which condenses results into less than 20 pages, by omitting extraneous data and only returning information relevant to your search. Bringing a new level of clarity to the purchase process, Groundsure filters 106 million data points based on your client’s property boundaries. Using Groundsure IQ to identify any risk factors upfront in a clear recommendations page, Avista also includes Land Registry polygons for improved accuracy. avista icons   Seven Key Searches Groundsure Avista offers seven key environmental searches intelligently filtered to produce the clearest and most comprehensive risk report on the market. Avista works smarter to keep your transaction moving. Avista’s filtered results and accessible design make it quicker and easier to review. Avista also saves you over a third on the cost of buying these searches separately.   Avista Action Alert Avista Action Alert Having processed location specific results, Avista is able to identify recommended or optional actions. By further analysing the complexity and time it takes to complete these actions, the Avista Action Alert provides a clear score that conveyancers can use to prioritise work at a glance, improve case management and keep transactions moving. Groundsure IQ   Groundsure IQ Filtering the widest range of environmental information including planning and infrastructure searches, ensures the most comprehensive yet specific findings that are easily understood and risk assessed. These insights help conveyancers prioritise work at a glance, meaning you can target problems before they delay the transaction process. Avista – Product Card Avista – Sample Report To order your Avista report on the OneSearch Ordering Platform, login here, contact your Regional Sales Manager, or talk to our Customer Services Department on 0800 052 0117.

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