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August 31, 2017
Please be advised that from today, 31st August 2017, Landmark’s Homecheck Ground Stability Report is being renamed and replaced by the enhanced product Homecheck Mining and Subsidence Report. Due to the new enhanced product launching on 31st August, the Landmark Subsidence Risk Rating Report will also be retired, as the Homecheck Mining and Subsidence Report is a much more valuable alternative. The following product details have been provided by Landmark Information Group and are reproduced for your information below. Subsidence and other types of ground instability can cause extensive damage so it should always be considered as part of the conveyancing process. Our newly enhanced Homecheck Mining and Subsidence report will meet this requirement in an easy-to-understand and cost-effective manner. As well as identifying any natural and man-made hazards in the area, the report identifies insurance claims that are a result of damage caused to nearby properties from subsidence – ‘real life’ evidence of the potential hazards identified in the report. This new report is available from the 31st August. Our invaluable report provides you with a clear professional opinion and next steps, allowing you to copy and paste into client documentation. All this is provided for just £20 + VAT. The Homecheck Mining and Subsidence report is split into two sections: Landmark Product Update Ground Stability Hazards The first identifies the main types of hazards that could affect a property such as former mining, former brine extraction and salt mining, landfill and other infilled land, and natural ground instability hazards. Subsidence Insurance Claims Here Landmark provide a risk rating based on the number of valid subsidence insurance claims in the property’s postcode. Claims made to the Coal Authority associated with suspected damage to property from coal mining in the area are also included. This brand new feature provides evidence of the actual impact of a risk, thus providing a more complete picture than hazard data alone. View the product card here. The Homecheck Ground Stability Report and Subsidence Risk Rating Report will be removed from the OneSearch Direct ordering platform on 31st August. If you have any questions or concerns regarding how this may affect your searches, please contact our customer service team on 0800 052 0117.

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