Important Price & Product Notification

February 22, 2018
Please be advised of the following upcoming product and price updates:
  • Introduction of Groundsure Homebuyers Plus
  • Enhancement of Groundsure Flood and Groundsure Planning
  • Enhancement of Landmark Sitecheck Combined
  • Discontinuation of some Groundsure Products
Details have been reproduced for your information below.   New Product Alert!   Groundsure’s Homebuyers Plus report is a new residential environmental risk report, an enhanced version of the existing Homebuyers report which will keep your transaction moving faster. Homebuyers Plus reviews flood, contaminated land, ground stability and screens other environmental risks such as energy, transportation and planning to provide comprehensive environmental checks for a residential property. Homebuyers Plus will be released on Monday 5th March and is priced at £59.00 plus VAT. Groundsure-Homebuyers-Plus-Product-Card Groundsure-Homebuyers-Plus-Sample-Report-Pass   Product Enhancements Groundsure Planning and Groundsure Flood Redesigned with new features, improved layout and design for clearer navigation improving workflow for conveyancers, Groundsure Planning and Groundsure Flood provide complete planning info enabling informed property decisions. The enhanced Groundsure Planning report will be priced at £24.00 + VAT, and goes live on 5th March 2018. The enhanced Groundsure Flood report will be priced at £25.00 + VAT, and goes live on 5th March 2018. Landmark Sitecheck Combined This report is a full contaminated land and flood assessment driven by recently upgraded and best in market risk models. The improved flood analysis ensures that any ‘risky’ sites will be manually assessed by in-house environmental consultants, resulting in more passed assessments. The enhanced Sitecheck Combined report will be priced at £225 + VAT, and goes live on 24th March 2018. To view a product card, click here.   Product Retirement
We have been notified that the following products are being discontinued as of 1st March :
  • Groundsure StreetTalking
  • Groundsure Estate
  • Groundsure Data
If you are have any questions on how these product updates may affect your bundles, please get in touch with our customer services department on 0800 052 0117.

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