Insurance Premium Tax: increase of standard rate

May 8, 2017
Please be advised that from 1st June 2017, Insurance Premium Tax will be set at 12%, which is an increase of 2%. This measure was announced at Autumn Statement 2016, and will impact on the following products:
Product IPT Increase New Price (Inc IPT)
NSR Residential £1m £0.36 £19.86*
NSR Residential £500k £0.23 £12.73
NSR Commercial £1m £1.79 £100.34
NSR Commercial £500k £1.20 £66.90
* includes bundles
For more information on the IPT measure, you can read the Government policy paper here. If you have any questions regarding how the IPT increase will affect your searches, please contact our customer service team on 0800 052 0117.

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