New Product: Terrafirma CON29M Coal Mining Report

July 11, 2018
OneSearch Direct would like to make our customers aware that we have introduced the Terrafirma CON29M report to our products. Terrafirma CON29M is the enhanced alternative to The Coal Authority CON29M report, providing expert answers to all 11 questions, (14 for commercial properties), using Coal Authority licensed data.

About the CON29M Report

The CON29M report provides data findings on all underground and surface coal mining activity for any site or individual property throughout the UK. Set up in 2000 by the Coal Authority and only supplied by themselves, the CON29M report has now been licensed to commercial companies that achieve the standards required by the Law Society. Terrafirma is the first non-public body to meet these requirements.

The benefits of Terrafirma CON29M

The new CON29M report has been designed to:
  • significantly increase the pass rate,
  • reduce the need for additional reports (saving time and money),
  • improve data processes and risk screening, and
  • provide a reliable and professional opinion with every report.
With the above criteria satisfying the new Law Society CON29M (2018) guidance, the Terrafirma CON29M report ensures clients are well equipped to better understand what kind of coal mining risks their land or property may face.

About Terrafirma

Terrafirma is a leading provider of environmental knowledge, with a particular expertise of geohazards. They translate the complex data findings into useful and accurate advice, providing clients with solutions necessary to address any environmental risks.

Contact Us

For more information on the Terrafirma CON29M report and the benefits of the product, please get in touch with your account manager or our service team on 01782 433 270.

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