Our Products

We provide a comprehensive range of products and services to cater for all search requirements in your property transactions.


Our Core Searches

OneSearch Prime

What we have

Our flagship product, the Regulated Local Search, is backed by £10 Million Professional Indemnity Insurance.

Council Search

What we have

Standard Local Authority Search, obtained from the council on your behalf. Does not include the OneSearch Guarantee.

Lender Acceptance

Personal searches are now accepted by the majority of mortgage lenders.

Please click here to find out which lenders accept personal searches.

Cancellation Policy

At OneSearch Direct, we understand that the need to cancel a search request may occasionally arise. Wherever possible, we will cancel a request without attaching a charge. In some instances, however, we may need to recover costs which have already been incurred. Any such costs will be applied in line with the following timescales: Any personal search cancelled up to one working day after the order is placed can be cancelled without charge; Any personal search cancelled on the expected return date, or one working day before, will attract a 100% charge; Any personal search cancellation request made between these times will attract a 50% charge; Any ancillary report cancellation request received where no work has been carried out can be cancelled without charge. Any direct costs incurred will be passed on and charged in full. Should you have any questions regarding the cancellation policy please contact the Customer Services Department on 0800 052 0117.

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