Privacy Policy

This privacy policy sets out what personally identifiable data we hold, how we manage it, how you can correct any discrepancies, and how to contact us to make corrections or remove your data. If you have any concerns not already covered here, please get in touch with our customer services team on 0800 052 0117 or at

What information we keep

We hold the following information about website visitors:-

  1. Customer contact details

We keep records of customer names, email and postal addresses, and phone numbers. We need these to be able to contact customers about their orders.

  1. Customer activity details

We keep records of what pages on our website customers have accessed, as well as what products they order, to allow us to improve our products, and for diagnostic purposes (so we can investigate any problems encountered by customers).

  1. Website visitor activity details

We keep records of what pages on our website are accessed by people who are not logged in, so that we can measure general interest in our products, and for diagnostic purposes.

  1. Homebuyer details provided by our customers

OneSearch provide services that require information about homebuyers (for example, names and addresses for insurance purposes, or passport details for anti-money laundering searches.)

We keep records of the names and addresses so that we can provide copies of previous searches to our customers, and also so that we can investigate claims against our warranty.

We keep some records of the details provided in AML searches to allow us to address customer queries, but we only retain this for the shortest time possible.

  1. Contact details for marketing purposes

Some people may have registered to receive marketing information from us – for example, new product announcements – even if they’re not existing customers. We keep this information only when people give explicit consent.

How long it’s kept

For the information that’s required to provide our products to you, we generally hold records indefinitely. This is because we need to be able to investigate warranty claims, and to provide copies of old searches for our customers. Our products are involved in conveyancing transactions, and the requirement for re-examination of an order may arise only at the time a property is re-sold. As a result it’s common to require access to our records many years after the products were ordered, and so our policy is to retain this data indefinitely. For products where we require a great deal of personal information (for example, anti-money laundering searches) we record only the results of our search, and the information provided by the customer is deleted after three months; this is to provide a reasonable window in which queries may be raised, but otherwise to minimise the amount of this data we hold.

For website visitor information, we keep detailed logs for three months (to allow us to investigate problems and complaints).

For people who have registered to receive marketing information, we keep contact information indefinitely. However, you can ask us to change these details or remove you from our lists at any time.

Who we share information with

Many of our products are provided by third parties – for example, local authorities, or suppliers of environmental products like Groundsure, Landmark, or Future Climate Info. We provide these companies with the details required to complete these orders, and any reference numbers you’ve provided so that they appear properly on the documents returned. We don’t provide more information than is required to complete your order, and we don’t share marketing information with these companies.

To allow us to provide better technical support, and to gather statistics on visitor interest in our website, we share some visitor information with Lucky Orange ( and Google ( This is limited to your IP address and, for existing customers, user ID. You can opt out of this at any time using these companies’ privacy management pages at and

We use MailChimp and Salesforce to manage our customer and marketing lists, and so we will pass marketing contact information to these companies. Our agreements with them don’t allow them to use this information except directly under our control.

How to get in touch

If you have any further concerns about how information about you is kept or used, please get in touch with our Customer Services team at or 0800 052 0117 as a first step.

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