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October 2, 2017
We are delighted to present to you our latest free webinar in collaboration with Terrafirma, taking place on Monday 30th October at 11:00am: Managing Risks: What Lies Beneath? The purpose of the 45-minute webinar is to better understand the physical, financial and legal risks associated with the UK’s extractive industries. An often misunderstood and overlooked environmental risk, past, present and planned mining and mineral extraction poses a variety of risks to all parties within a property or land transaction. With a recent increase in the volume and visibility of mining-related sinkholes, the risks can no longer be avoided. Topics covered
  • Where and how mining and ground risk assessment should be used
  • The hidden legacy of UK mineral extraction
  • How interpretation of data is essential in both understanding and acting upon the potential risks the ground poses.
Your host, Tom Blackhouse Tom Backhouse is the founder and CEO of Terrafirma and has undertaken over 300 hours of educational talks on the varied and many risks the ground poses. Tom pursues an ambition of changing the way in which we perceive, identify and act upon environmental risks to better manage and resolve the problems that are increasing in occurrence across the UK. Tom is award-winning speaker and focuses strongly on changing perceptions and increasing awareness to better arm the audience in the face of emerging and very relevant risks. You can register for this webinar by clicking here. Please secure your place now to avoid disappointment! If you would like more information, or assistance with registering, please contact 01782 433 270.

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