We are the largest local search data company in the UK.

We have been collecting and storing data since 1992. We provide property information and conveyancing products to solicitors and data organisations throughout England & Wales. So far, we have processed over 3.4 million searches, and we are still growing.

We Protect Our Clients


The accuracy of our data, and quality check methodology, means our claims history is impeccable. Our searches are covered by Professional Indemnity Cover up to £10m.


To further support due diligence, OneSearch Direct subscribe to the Search Code, which is regulated and monitored by the Property Code Compliance Board (PCCB).


Lender requirements are satisfied through rigorously tested compliance measures, including a remote office with fully operational capabilities, effective within 24 hours.

Our Services

Regulated Local Search
Drainage and Water Search
Land Registy
Environmental Search
HS2 Crossrail
Ground Stability
Insurance Products
Lender Acceptance
Chancel Insurance

No other company exists with our range of datasets, insights, specialist local search knowledge, and integration technology.

We can provide solutions that increase your firm’s profitability and:

OneSearchDirectTwitterMitigate Risk

Our operational standards and search accuracy ensures you are not exposed to search-related PI claims.

OneSearchDirectTwitterReduce Costs

Time is money and cannot be wasted. We recognise the need for fast, efficient processes, leaving your staff free to handle their workloads.

OneSearchDirectTwitterIncrease Revenue

We can support you with several initiatives to help you attract new, profitable clients in lucrative market segments.

OneSearchDirectTwitterRetain Customers

We understand the importance of providing excellent service to you, to facilitate your own high service standards to your clients.


Empowering You and Your Clients


Our toolkit enables conveyancing professionals to increase conversions, deliver exceptional service and stand out from the rest.

Conveyancer’s Toolkit allows you to:

1. Order appropriate searches specific to your property.

2. Quote for work, including your own fees.

3. Place an order, through our integrated platform.

Our expansion into new industries means we now also provide traffic, mapping and environmental data.

We have invested over £10 million in our datasets and technology.

We meticulously search through every local newspaper, public notice register and committee meeting document for all council areas in England & Wales to garner relevant data.

We capture data at every stage, from initial proposals, public consultations, and committee hearings, to advertisement. By the time any action is authorised, we have a comprehensive backstory in our unrivalled database.

We update this information daily, in order to maintain full accuracy. This also allows us to generate national geographical data faster than any individual local authority.

We operate a highly effective Triple Quality Check method for our data capture.

All data is verified and put through stringent quality assurance checks to guarantee the highest quality of information.

We can provide real-time data in a variety of formats including ESRI, Mapfile and CSV. Organisations can use our data for:

  • Local Authority Unification
  • Data Replenishment
  • Traffic Analysis
  • CPZ Insight
  • Region/Country Wide Analysis
  • Change Intelligence

For more information on formats we offer or data we provide, contact us

Contaminated Land

Contaminated Land

Tree Preservation

Tree Preservation Orders

Land Appropriation width=

Land Appropriation


AQMA & Smoke Control

map modification orders

Map Modification Orders


Conservation Area


Traffic Orders

Conservation Area/Article 4

Article 4





Highway Agency Orders

Highway Agency

puPlanning Enforcement

Planning Enforcement

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