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OneSearch Duo

October 13, 2017
We are thrilled to inform you that today marks the launch of a product that seeks to catapult the search industry into a new standard of higher efficiency, through the use of big data. OneSearch Duo is a new two-part Regulated Local search, which returns the majority of search results within just 24 hours. The product is made up of the following two reports:
  • Part A: Alert contains most CON29 data, already captured in-house and usually returned within 24 hours.
  • Part B: Prime contains the full Regulated Local search including the remainder of outstanding data, which is the Local Land Charges, Building Regulations and Highways.
Click here to view the product card We all know that turnaround times can vary widely by council area, with some local authorities taking over a month to return a search. What’s worse is when the search brings back issues that require further investigation, such as enforcement notices or unknown planning decisions. That’s when the hold up becomes unacceptable, and can put the whole transaction at risk of collapse. Here at OneSearch, we capture proposed, confirmed and even withdrawn notices and orders. By the time a search is requested, OneSearch Direct will already have an extensive back catalogue surrounding a client’s property.  No other search provider has this unique dataset, and we are immensely proud to bring OneSearch Duo to the market. Not only does the search benefit from our Triple Quality Check methodology, it is also backed by £10 Million PI Cover, which further benefits from 6 years run off cover. Are you a #SadSam or #DuoDave? We’ve created a short quiz to help you find out! Click here to take the quiz. For more information on OneSearch Duo, please call 01782 433 270 or email info@onesearchdirect.co.uk.

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